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Wrecked SRT-4 Being Fixed

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Before i get started i was not engaged in any stupid activity nor was i racing. i guess sometimes you just the shit knocked out of ya when you least expect it. hear i am going on lunch break actully driving sane and some dude coming the opposite lane decided he got tired of waitng to turn into a store parking lot and turn right into my ass. to top it all off he didn't have no insurance either. oh well it's going to start getting fixed on Monday, it'll be about 2 to 3 week wait. thought they were going to total it but i guess all is well, so enjoy.

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Ouch that definately sucks. I want to see it after its done. It got bent up pretty bad on one side.
Wonder why they didn't total it. That car will never be the same.
Make sure you keep your hood insert! I had to replace my hood from a very minor mvc and end4ed up with a srt-design insert.
it doesnt have extensive frame damage...looks like that pass. frame rail held up well hence why it wasnt totalled

plus to total the repairs have to exceed 80% of the car's actual value...atleast here in Fl thats how it works
You gonna sue the guy?

If you sue and get a judgement against them... in most states they can't get a house.. or do various other things until the judgement has been paid.
I was wondering what happens in a situation like this? Can you sue him for what he is worth? Because that just doesn't seem right that you would have to pay for it or your insurance.
Video_Guy said:
That will buff out.
lol :lol:
yeah damages have to be atleast 80% here too. i'm trying to work something out with the other insurance company now, if they don't act right i'll be suing them and the guy. turns out the guy that hit me drove another persons car w/out permission so they are not covering it. plus my insurance is going to sue him too, it'll be worth the wait to get my money back plus more. ($500 deductible) alot of people always say that about wrecked cars (it'll never be the same), i don't know bout that, guess i'll just have to see. the way i see it if it's fixed right it should okay, if it's done right. it's at a pretty good Dodge collision center here in BossieCity,La. (LANDERS DODGE) I'll be happy when it's done. some of you autobody tech's give me your opinion.
You have un insured motorist? Make him pay your deductable and buy you whatever mods (Give Cash) and be done with it. No hassles
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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