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worst mod ever!

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worst mod ever this jsut happend it was a freak hail storm it killed all my perents garden and all my moms flowers and luckley didnt destory my car as far as i can tell no broke windows and no visible dents or dings

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damn, thats a lot of hail. i thought it was snow for a sec there :lol:
that happened to me last month, hail storm with ice pieces a little bigger than the ones on your pic I got real scared, thank god nothing happened to my car ... or yours :)
i wouldnt cross my fingers yet!!! black car+hail the size of marbles= bound to be small dents somewhere!!! man that sucks....hopefully no small dings do show up
this has been hitting the Rx-8 guys a lot recently. Aluminum hoods that come out of storms looking like swiss cheese. Good luck with your finish.
damn! what the hail!
Damn, thats some serious hail!
My SRT-4's hood took a minor beating in a hail storm 2 years ago. Insurance paid something like $900. Bought a CBD carbon fiber hood and pocketed the difference.
after driveing it a little it dryed off and i didnt see any thing worng with it and all windows are fine too and all that hail came down in about 20-25 min it was a freak storm
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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