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WooHoo...I made it back with my silver baby

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I finally arrived back at the house after approximately 9 hours of driving. All I can say is if the car gets any better I may have to turn it into a taxicab and become a driver for a living! :shock: This thing rocks! For the most part I took it pretty easy coming back, but the car likes to go and go and go.... I can't wait to get it broken in and romp on it! 8) I've got about 650 on it now so I guess technically it's safe, but I think I'll hold out a while longer if possible. Special thanks to RUgoinup(and family) for the hospitality and friendship and to RaptorRed for the absolute enthusiam! Raptor got to the dealership before I did! :shock: :D Now that's what I'm talking about! Thanks again guys! Pictures will be up soon.
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Thanks Drizze. I will be enjoying it even more tomorrow and in the days ahead, but right now I believe I'll go to bed. That 9 hours of driving has my fanny dragging!
One-way ticket to fly to the state where you're going to pick up your SRT-4 $150

Taxi fare to drop you off at the Dodge dealership $60

Sitting down and actually paying for the car $20,000

Driving 650 miles back to your home with a giddy smile plastered on your face for 9 hours and making blow off valve noises when you shift... PRICELESS :D

Some things in life are priceless.[/b]
Congratulations, Wade. Your post brought a smile to my face because it reminded my of my drive back from FL. You won't get tired of this car. Have fun!

Gratz man

Glad you made it back safely, that prayer thing works great. :p

Be sure to list any mods and track times if you endulge.

Ohyeah, let us know what some of the comments were from fam & friends.
Congrats i will be making the same trip here really soon...But mine will be 20 hours...So i think me and my car will be 1 by the time i get home...
Your right RU, prayer works wonders. I had to go through some storms in Alabama including one that supposedly contained a tornado, but I didn't have any problems! PTL! My wife said she thinks the car looks great and I can't wait to get reaction for my other friends and family. Thanks for all of the kudos guys. Oh and Freeway, yeah you'll be loving the trip back except for the way you have to keep from putting your foot in it! :D
Wish I could have spent some more time gettin' to know ya. It was cool getting to meet you, and I imagine the dealer thinks I'm nuts. (which I am)

Glad you made it home safe.
HAHAHAHAHAHA......As I recall the salesman said "He's what we call a gearhead." I appreciate you being there when I got there and I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up afterward. Work stinks sometimes, huh? Anyway, if I get the opportunity to come back sometime I'll definitely look you up!

By the way, don't feel bad about the salesman. As I recall his first words when he met me were, "@&$!*#@ this guy looks like Vince Gill!" :roll: I'm still trying to figure out if that was meant to be a compliment or not! :D
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