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whats up everyone!!

I need a bit of help on wiring up my meth system. The kit is installed as far as tank,pump,hardline, and boost reference. My question is i want to wire the meth system to my toys intercooler sprayer. Basically off position, system armed and purge.

From what I've found so far its basically a 3 position switch but i see there is a power,ground and signal wire for the pcm algorithm to activate washer pump.

If i wire a 12v feed to the blue wire (signal feed for the sprayer switch) would that fry the switch? I'm not sure if the pcm sends a 12v,5v. I know the pin is A10 (intercooler spray switch input) which is a green wire if anyones familiar.

I guess i just can't wrap my head around how the switch itself functions any help would be much appreciated.
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