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Wings West Body Kit & Fender Flairs

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I saw this in a video from the video's forum. Anyway, does anyone have any info on how much each peace/set is, and when/if they are going to be available? Thanks!
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No one has any info? :?
probably not......too new......but anyways I hope they dont make something like that...blah....but everyone has their own tast in looks.
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I didn't like that kit either. The one on the forum logo has made my standards high I guess. But, to each his own.

I think I would go ape shit on someone if they put a RICE-A-RONY Wings West kit on an SRT.
Then you obviously didn't see the kit that was on the Silver SRT at the IAS show last weekend, did you? I actually liked it, a little - I wish it wasn't as "aggressive" I guess you would say.
I have a few - but they all turned out pretty dark. Plus, They're at home, and I'm at school - I think someone else must have a few... give me a sec to find one...
The silver SRT-4 is the kit im referring to. It looks AWESOME in my opinion.
ghey!.....they tried for the subaru look too much, boy wouldnt that stir up a pile.
The kit will be out in a few months

approximately 60 to 90 days
Thanks Nespharym!

Any idea on the price?
the joker said:
Where is this ww picture? I wanna see...
I videotaped the car. Go here:

or you can check out the pic of it here:
looks very bad!!!!!!! i mean that car from the back looks like a neon (look at the back lights)
i think that kit looks like ass. and not in a good way. :(

looks like a cheap-ass impreza wannabe.

-dave :evil:
It's not smooth. all bumpy and stuff. Looks like it took steroids or sumpthin'
Ehh.. sorry guys, gotta say I kinna like it

I wouldnt personally add it to an SRT if I had one...but it does look agressive
Ehh.. well lemme recant that.. I DO like the fender flares.. but the side skirts need way better matching up... it looks kinna unatural and not flowing ya know?
^ Exactly. About the skirts anyway. I don't like the flares - they look silly.

My opinion, blah blah blah.

What kind of wheels are those? they look like 19" RH Evolution GT5.. but the center caps look different.
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