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Window Tint

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Ok all, I'm runningan SRT-4 Silver Spec. As any of you that live in Florida it gets hot really quick so I'm looking for some tint to not only save my interior but to also add some privacy and looks to the car. I was going to go with the typical Black tint when one of my friends told me to try 20% photoreactive tint or graphite tint. I've never heard of this before so if any of you have please let me know what this is. Is graphite the reflective "ghetto" Silver? Also if anyone has pictures or ideas, websites, or such of a silver SRT-4 with some decent looking tint I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance :)
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Kinda bright outside to really see the tint. But from what i can see they look pretty much like mine. I have Hp Titanium Tints at 13%. But i also tinited the entire windshield and put strip across the top to cover it up. Now im really a nighttime stalker :twisted:

i should be getting my tint pretty soon and i will post a pic. i'm getting .05% :twisted: if i'm gonna get legal i might as well get the darkest one!!! i suggest u get the black! if yall have .05% go with that my bf has a silver car and it looks great!
I got the darkest percentage that is legal. With my last car, I went darker than that and after almost backing over several people at night, I decided I'd like to be able to see through the back window. The really dark tint looks nice, but there are reasons why it's illegal, mainly visibility issues. The cops never seemed very happy approaching my other car when it was dark and I don't want a nervous cop coming up to my car with his gun drawn because he can't see inside. The reason for the tint is to keep out the sun. I don't care if people see me. Not trying to start a debate, just my two cents. Oh, I got Titanium Solar Guard Tint (It's black, not silver). Lifetime warranty if there are any problems.
CrimsonBlade187 said:
Kinda bright outside to really see the tint. But from what i can see they look pretty much like mine. I have Hp Titanium Tints at 13%. But i also tinited the entire windshield and put strip across the top to cover it up. Now im really a nighttime stalker :twisted:
the last few cars I have done 5% all around
but in m3 I had 5% all around, 5% strip, and 30% platinum on the windshield...

cops just loved that...but they are really cracking down around here on illegal tint, if you have it on it just gives them something to mess with you...
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i love 5% lol i really hate people looking in my car but aslo i'm used to it cause in my other car i had 5% gradation and when the cop pulled me over the reader said 0% LOL i thought it was pretty funny! i still had to pay the ticket :cry: but i will get 5% on this car 2. if i get anything below 35% it's ilegal and i will get a ticket anyway so i might as well get it all black thats how i feel.
I'm jealous -- PA is so dang strict about tint. The actual law doesn't say what % is or isn't legal -- it just says that they have to be able to SEE you through the winshield and front passenger & driver windows. The back windows they could care less -- I know someone who literally just spraypainted his back window black on the inside (don't ask).

But the part that sucks is that it's all a matter of discression on the part of the officer. My boyfriend used to have a Daytona a few years back, and it had SUPER dark tint -- not sure what the % was, but I believe the package it came in said "limo tint". Anyway, he never once got pulled over. The minute he sold the car, the kid who bought it got a hefty fine. Another friend of ours has very pale tint (again, not sure of the %) that you can OBVIOUSLY see through, yet he's been given warnings to have it removed twice.

Sometimes I really think it would be easier if they would rewrite the law to be more clear ...
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Does anyone have pics of tint on a black car?
Heading home for lunch in about 45 minutes and I'll take a picture. :lol:
black car

nope! but my car is balck and my bf used to have a black civic and man it looks so good with the black (dark) tint. but thats my opinion. i call it the none of your business tint lol cause it aint none of your business who is in the car ;o) i should be getting mine in a week or 2.

Looks like I'm going to get it done. Just have to find what is legal out here in cali...

hemidakota said:
No tinting on front driver and passenger window. No matter on rear windows.
Thats also true for NY. To respond to an earlier post.. I'm sure PA has a law that states how much light has to pass through the windows.. call local police of look it up on line. I have an appointment on Friday for window tint on my Silver.. I'll post pics... gonna go dark and risk it. If I get pulled over (like I have in the past).. it's a correctable ticket. The cop or Trooper gives you 24 hours to take off the tint and you bring the car and ticket back to the station or barracks and they rip it up.
florida is 15% on the front windows and what ever the hell you want on the rear.......i think :lol:
When tinting try and make sure you get the place (or u buy urself) to use Solar Guard Tint it will never turn blue, crack or fade guaranteed for the life of the car. I have had this installed on every single car I have owned.

Being in CA cops want NO tint on the Driver/Passenger/Front but will let it go on the Passenger/drivers side if its not too dark.

Again it depends on if the cop wants to be a dick, if you have tint on your car and are not doing anything wrong just cruising and a cop passes you and you have dark tint most of the time he will pass right by you. If, however he saw you speeding and was trying to catch up and never had a chance to clock you trust me he will give you a fix it ticket on your windows in a heartbeat.

I have been warned once in 6 cars and 10 speeding tickets about my's really not an issue.
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No tinting on front driver and passenger window. No matter on rear windows.
I live in CA and I had my windows tinted by a shop out here that garuantees it for life - I had the rear windows tinted to 16%, and the front and passenger tinted to 32%. I think maybe I would have liked the front a little darker, but I hate being hassled, and 32% is usually (in my experiance) dark enough, but not so dark that cops hate you. Also - I like Limo (5%) - but 16% is a good compromise - still nobody can see in, and
it's so much easier to see out of.
Here's a pic for everyone.

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hemidakota said:
As anyone tinted the rear window with the rear defroster? Will it bubble after a few uses?
It depends!

I go to only one guy to do my tint his shop is 50miles away but he does great work. If all you have is a defroster on the rear you will have no problems as long as they use a single sheet of tint on the rear. A lot of places like to split a sheet and put it in the rear because its easier to install and handle. Over time as the car heats the Tint starts to shrink just a tad and you get an untined line running horizontally accross your back window...that sucks and looks bad.

On my '96 Cavalier at the top of the back window it had some factory tint crap that was textured to the glass, it was impossible to get the tint to stick 100% to the glass they did the best they could and it didn't look to bad. My only other option was to strip the tint from that area and paint the actual window black...I didnt want to fuss.
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