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If they do decide to make an optional LSD available, I hope it's the Gerodisc unit... Last May I recieved a strange request from McLaren Engines, they wanted to 'borrow' the Gerodisc equipped trans that they loaned me a couple years ago to demo it for a potential buyer. It turns out that Eaton bought the technology from McLaren, and unfortunately made off with 'my' transmission as well.

The Gerodisc LSD is OEM on the Grand Cherokee, and works really well with the FWD setup. Anyone who has driven a quaife equipped car knows that you have to be careful about keeping a tight grip on the wheel when it transfers torque. The Gerodisc unit didn't have that 'snatch' tendancy, but still engaged pretty quickly. It could sense a wheel speed differential in 1/7th of a rotation and transfer part, or 100% of the torque before that wheel revolution completed.

It also made it into one of the tuner Mustang cars, can't remember if it was Rousch or Kenne Bell. It was OEM on the FR500 mustang too...

There was one other prototype FWD Gerodisc, New Venture Gear was doing the testing on that... Eaton has a good relationship with D-C, and NVG has already been exposed to the technology....

Just keeping my fingers crossed, Gerodisc, Quaife, or Torson, no matter to me...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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