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dognutz said:
i dont own your hood but if the hood you make is on your car in the sig,pic. why your hood fits better did you make a one off piece for yourself to but your name out there..
I guess it all comes down to how much of a showcar you think you have... Ray's fitment was good enough for some magazine pictures, mine was good enough for Mopar Speed and Car and Driver (the C&D picture is after the car was wrecked, still looks good), and good enough for ATL-SRT to get third place at last years NOPI Nats when all we wanted to do was avoid parking out with the minions in the parking lots....

From my gallery:

Before Onelap crash

ATL-SRT's IPP hood

A couple hoods in my garage

After the crash... a little paint can fix anything...

Note that because I don't care about winning shows or what the kids on Barrett think, I don't even bother to try to adjust the fitment on my car. ATL_SRT on the other hand, messed with it for about an hour on his car...

It's not for everybody, and that's O.K.

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