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Who owns the red SRT-4 in the Quad Cities area?

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I know of a Red SRT that i see in davenport and around the quad cities area...supposedly the guy lives in moline, just wondering if he's a part of this forum??
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might be spoolin2.4 he has a red with the crosshairs taken out i know he lives in the area and works at cordova
yep, youre right. him and i met up at the mark last night and checked out each others cars. his is pretty nice, its pretty damn fast. he has a needswings dump, bfmic, intake and spring mod, and he pulled me at 40 roll, 60 roll, and from a dig. damn nice.
Just came across your post about a red SRT4. Dont know about a red one, but Ive seen a black one, I met a guy from Moline that just bought an orange one and I live in Coal Valley and have an e-blue SRT4 with Stage3.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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