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Whipple Cobra > Stg3 SRT4 :(

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^^^ As always your videos:yesmaster Nice runs I did not see were you on HOM?? I would love to come accross a whipple/KB S/C cobra:eveilgrin
Man, and that's even a convertible (heavy) with its top down (lots of extra drag). Tell that cobra owner that you're never supposed to race with your top down. :thumbsup:
That's one of the few cars I would consider trading the SRT-4 on, but then I would have to find a winter car, lol!

Very nice runs! Did he ever say how much power he was making?
the sound of those cars is simply amazing!
Stangs are fun to beat.
t3turbo said:
COBRAS are fun to beat.
I fixed that for you:thumbsup:
wow, that cobra is serious business .... i can't wait til i actually make the splurge & trade in the srt for one - someday it'll happen
they're nasty, I'm actually surprised you stayed within 3-4 cars of a whipple cobra, pretty impressed:thumbsup:
I wish I could run into a whipple powered Cobra with a video camera so I could post it on SVTperformance!Here in Vegas we run in daylight so you get the whole picture.:readclose That was a nice vid!What size Whipple was the guy running?
turbojonsrt4 said:
they're nasty, I'm actually surprised you stayed within 3-4 cars of a whipple cobra, pretty impressed:thumbsup:
I dunno about staying 3-4 cars that thing looked like it was just getting started. Walked the dog pretty hard good footage :thumbsup:
Nice runs, I think he may have had a slight HP advantage. It is always fun to race a car you are most likely going to lose to.
nice races/vids

wonder wut the outcome woulda been if that coba came across a nice dose of 50trim :intrestin
Main_Event said:
nice races/vids

wonder wut the outcome woulda been if that coba came across a nice dose of 50trim :intrestin
X2 :thumbsup:
Good video. :thumbsup:
But he did beat you by more than 4 cars as stated.
You can close the gap with more bolton's but it still won't be close cuz you were in hom @25psi.
A bfmic should be in your furture 20hp.
There is no shame in losing to that cobra it's in the upper 500hp+ range.
I've been trying all summer to race a cobra with the skittle. I've come across a few, some stock, 1 or 2 with a pulley, but none would bite and race. Well Lumar (turbo red civic) called me, and a bunch of stangs\LS1 camaros friends were going to meet up. I was just going to watch\capture the racing. Lumar I guess was talking to a guy that had a black vert 03-04 cobra. It was a chess match, so I opened my hood, let him and his buddy scope the ride. I explained my mods, still not knowing what he has. Finally I convinced him, win or lose, he's got to let me get some under hood shots. I told him that I will upload it, and put it on SVT Performance. Once he opened the hood, I knew it was game over. 450-475whp pullied cobra I thought would be a decent race, but not no whipple!!! Well he threw it out, lets do it on the freeway, on the way home. I did it because I love the rush, and 2 how can you pass that up. Whipple cobra, most would run, I was pissN it off by pulling on it's tail. That car is a monster, probably 125-130easy mph car. It was as fast as my buddys 10 sec R6, and pulled just like it!! I don't think my car would ever catch that stang, period. There's plenty of things I can do to make my car faster. A diet, no camera man, and a bottle. My car is a daily driver, so I never really taken it to the next level. Someone has to lose, atleast I thought I made it a fight. Even thou, I got knocked the fuck out!!! :grimrippe That was the bread N butter of my car, against a monster & it was ugly!!! :jester:
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Even though he got you pretty good, I think it's great you were cool about it and still shared the video. Both are very nice cars! I wouldn't take anything away from your car man, it's modified nicely and I consider it to be a fast street car as well. I would hope to have a S3 or similar setup one day.

Thanks for sharing!! :)
its not bad but ur still
I'm pissed, If I would have been there 20 minutes sooner I could have watched it live :(

Good Film and Editing!
That was way more than 2-3 cars, but under the circumstances when your out there and your hearts pumping, it can be hard to judge.

Just be glad you didn't go from a slower roll because that would of ment buss lengths.
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