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looking at upgrading my brakes. I will most likely not race (on a track) so what would be a step above stock for me?

Went to the TCE site, their kits sell for just over $1000.
They also offered the "basic kit" that Wilwood makes (whatever Basic Kit means) for $600+

I'd be interested in a four piston rotor, which would fit an aftermarket wheel in either 18 or 19" offset of about 38mm-48mm.

The rotor would have to be oversized, two piece design, gas slotted.

Gimme your opinions/pics/likes dislikes, etc.

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Just as he has stated; the basic kit is a box kit from WW. Not the same as I offer in larger fashion. A quick scroll through this new forum will offer you not only more info on both options from me, but also pics of the WW kit and other options available to you as well.

If you dig a bit deeper you'll find pics of my larger WW equip kits as well. Try entering "Wilwood" or "TCE" in the search window. Or you can of course do directly to the WW site for more complete info on the WW kits. Lastly if you'd like more pics of on car larger kits from TCE you can email me directly and I'll be happy to send them to you.
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