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where to buy indivdual cams?

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looking to pick up a 18 crane intake and a 16 exhaust. cant seem to find ne one who will sell them seperatly
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modern performance will sell the m by themselves, i had to rode rone cause someone from usps stole one of my cams!!!
called them today they said they wouldnt part them
really? that sucks, i ordered one crane 16 from them, it took about 2 weeks to get it, but i did get one, thats weird, sorry about your luck then
I will call my local speed shop on Monday. I used to work there. They are a direct vendor for Crane cams. Located in Broomall, PA. My brother lives in Oxford. You're not very far from me. Actually I purchased my SRT-4 in Oxford.
nice, let me know.
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