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Where should i go next?

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well i'am working my way to stage 3. Still have a LONG way to go. Right now i'am working on supporting mods. So far i've got exhaust and Bwoody' s traction bar combo. I'am kinda stuck as what to do next. Don't want a WGA for the reason of throwing codes and worry of having to update it once i get stage 3. BFMI seems pointless as of now...wont see any major gains. Same with intake. Any ideas?
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get a short throw shifter, makes a world of difference. I personally love the mopar, but you'll get a lot of different opinions.
I would buy a intercooler now cause you'll want to upgrade it eventually anyways. Get some motor mounts or at least inserts, and a solid tranny mount. and start thinking about a new clutch. Some people have good luck with the stocker and S3, but its just a matter of time till it has to be replaced. My stock clutch didnt last long and its being replaced right now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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