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Where is TolEdO at??

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Hey toledo and people near toledo post up and say hi.:clap: Anyone east of Norwalk is not allowed to post in here. South of cincy OH. you guys are on your own. North of Osceoda MI. go hug a tree. West of the mississippi river? To close to cali for my taste.
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Bump. Also incase anyone was wondering I have been away for a few days. My boyz and I got the Mongoose back up and running. We spent like 3 long days putting the motor in and getting it runnning and alot of days before that getting ready. The plan is to get it broke in and tuned by this weekend and be ready to run at Norwalk June 22 for the track day.
I haven't seen a Toledo thread in.......a year now? This section's been boring without one.
I remember when people would stay up all night posting to themselves in 'The Toledo Thread.' And if you didn't check in regularly, you'd have to go through about 10 pages to get caught up.
Yea I remember those days. It sucked coming home from work and have to read 10 pages of some idiot saying I like apples.
Well not taking anything away from grapes though. those are good too.
Oh don't even get me started on bannans. Thats the fruit of devil himself.
10 pages? i remember it more like 15-20 pages.
i would spend a solid hour of my life every morning reading drunken rants.
not saying that I didn't ever have such a rant myself, just not as often as some others.
i don't want to blow the cover on this hot topic, but one of the main players in this drunken rant game drove a black srt....and we all know how many black srt's there used to be in toledo.
2...thats right, there used to be 2 black srt's in toledo. now if i had one, the other owner must have...
been matt aka glhdontfly. i wonder what has become of him lately. i know he traded in is srt for a kiddie hauler, so i wonder how that is working out.
FYI we have no milk in the house so i am eating a 45 calorie yogurt for breakfast. a woman's meal!! i will be hungry again in 20 minutes. bah!
the banner on this page reads pretty weird. find gifts, gadgets & LIFESTYLE solutions. i can by a watch, gps navigator and a gay man all at the same store!!
anyway, my cat is licking its ass so i am finished with this yogurt. she looks like she is enjoying licking her own ass more than i am enjoying this yogurt.
so i finally changed my profile. it said i still owned my old srt so i figured since i sold it last july i should probably change it. have i ever said that i miss that car?
1 - 20 of 470 Posts
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