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im not sure if this is a problem so i didnt post it in the prob forum. Heres the details.

did a turbo install a few months ago and never turned the boost above 12 because i hadnt got it tuned.

Dump tube would rattle against car but no bov type sound

Tuned car.

wouldnt boost past 12 because of boost leak.

fixed boost leak (cracked lines going to wg) now a second "bov" sound and i spike to 17.5 and hold 15psi. and dump tube doesnt rattle anymore.

yesterday i get code p1188.

so my question is,having heard external wg's are lound which mine has never been, is this the sound of my wg working properly now that the lines are fixed? I also read that p1188 is part throttle boosting and causes a hissing sound, so is this new sound a ptb problem. if it is a ptb problem where does the hissing come from and how do i stop it. Would retuning for 15psi do the trick?
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