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what to use on the pillers in between doors

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:bandit: big ugly water stains on pillers on doors what would clean them up and what about painting them good idea or not:eeeek:
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I painted mine the same color as the car (black) and cleared it. It came out real good and I dont have to worry about them looking like you described. I did mine with a paint gun I got from harbor freight but I'm sure a rattle can from dodge would work good (prep them good).
thanks im going to try it:cow:
i put carbon fiber over mine you can get them from cbd... i tried about everything
i just use cleaner wax, will prob take a little work to get them cleaned up again
ARMOR ALL FTMFW. Make sure you wipe them off after pretty good, otherwise when it gets wet it will streak, but it makes the black parts black and lasts for at least a month. Do all door trim with armor all at least once a month to keep them supple too.
little bit of cleaner wax and then some maguires gold wax...last a long time, make sure you wipe off finger prints though as they apear!
You can also try using compound on them. I have done it a couple of times and it works pretty good.
thanks for everyones input
i found that the cheapest easiest way was vinyl (most sign stores sell it). just get a big sheet, lay it over the pillars, then take a heat gun and lightly go over the vinyl then get out the trusty xacto knife and trim the excess material away and call it a day.
i used back to black it it head up pretty good. But it didnt last very long
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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