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what mods work on stage2 good hp gains

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i have had s2 for like 2 months and it ok i guess but i have been tryin to mod it and everytime i go to do something to it i find a post that says not to do what has been done to s2 that works. boost controller, intake, what

i have exhaust and hks ssq.

someone please help
ps. stage 1 with wga beats me
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thats cuz stage 1 +wga runs less rich then your stage 2.. so they can make more power...

you can always use a bigger intercooler.. by exhaust, do you mean cat back? if just that, get the 02 housing and a downpipe as well
powerpaq or some kind of fuel control......
get rid of your 9:1 afr :)
powerpaq...thats what im going to get after my stage 2 gets here...if it gets here
Ok, I'm very new so excuse the ignorance. How can you get beat by people with stg1? I thought stg 2 had more boost and bigger injectors, and more HP??? I am thinking of getting stg2 w toys and upgrading to stg3 so I hope you are wrong!!!
stage 2 will beat stage 1 stock for stock, but with stage one its the building platform, it lays down the groundwork for other upgrades, thats why a stage 1 can beat a stage 2
Stage 2 does run awful rich...wonder if they did it on purpose knowing S3 was using the same size injectors.

even a big intercooler and 3" O2 housing doesn't compensate enough...still runs, even with colder Densos...still rich. trying the Iceman TB and porting the intake man. now...see how rich it'll run
woah....i just looked up how much psi fi cost and WOAH thats kinda pricey..... plus i dont have that to 599.99 i could have a good time at a strip club with that.j/j
ne thing else
what would be a no no no....a less expensive alternitive to this.
may b avc r ....
ewhat i dont understand is that if i put a boost controller on it and set it to say 18 and it hold 18 and then set the gain it would boot the more, and faster but the other guy said it aint worth it so i dunno
give me some reasonable priced options
One main thing to understand about stage 2 is that it is running rich for a reason. Mainly to keep the EGT temps low. If you lean up the AF you gain power but your EGT's will go up and it shortens the life of your turbo and motor. The best power gains that I've seen for stage 2 safely is a full exhaust, and a o2 housing. When my friend installed his o2 housing with stage 2 on pump gass he said it felt as strong as if he was running high octane mode with race gas. I can't get a definite answer if an intercooler makes much of a difference or not so that's up to you. The local guy that has an intercooler with his stage 2 says he noticed a difference but I've heard opposite from someone else with the same set up. I heard that 75 shot of nitros with stage 2 still runs very rich. Good luck
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get a fuel controller and a boost controller
Won't gain anything with a boost controller because the turbo is already maxed out. You will gain with a fuel controller but then you have to worry about EGT's.
OASRT48U said:
woah....i just looked up how much psi fi cost and WOAH thats kinda pricey..... plus i dont have that to 599.99 i could have a good time at a strip club with that.j/j
Psi-fi is a rip off, don't buy from them. Everything is overpriced as hell!
I added the iceman throttle body...the butt dyno says it's good.
iupui1299 said:
Oh and try a maxxfab downpipe.
What he said.
Get a map clamp. My friend ran 112.5 the other night and he has the map clamp. The leanest it gets is high 11's at that's between 4-5k rpms. It drops alot lower than that at redline. Don't buy a powerpaq.
SRT-4aKid's Brother said:
Who sells the map clamp?
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