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What mods next???

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Alright guys here are my latest mods i have purchased in the past two or three days:
S2 w/o toys
Maxxfab 3" dp
ngk spark plugs
msd spark wires
big fmic
greddy tt
greddy ebc
built a map clamp
and some rims on the side:)
Anyone have any ideas on what ill be looking at hp wise??? and any tips on what i should purchase for my next mod???
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yeah i was actually getting a wideband when i get my dp on, so at least im in the right direction ( i hope)
harrydeal said:
what woul i do next? maxx fab side exhaust
That will work, add a 3" o2 housing while your at it.
a big turbo :eveilgrin
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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