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what kind of HIDs

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i was looking around for an HID kit, was wondering if anyone else had done a conversion, and what kits they used and any issues they had during install...pic if possible as well
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I bought my HID's from Element Motorsports

Here's Link

It took me roughly 30 minutes (I'm not electrically inclined). All you have to do is mount the ballasts. Run the wires to the ground and to the battery. Connect the old plug into the wire harness they provide and bam your done. I ordered 8000k.

Let me go turn my car on and take some pictures.

i also have 8000k and they work great.. just one of them blinks on n off sometimes! pretty annoying and my buddys do it too...
8K is too blue IMO I went with the em!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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