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What is your best E.T.?

What is your best E.T.?

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Lets get a poll to see what we are running....
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Makes it a little easy for DCX doesn't it? :readclose
for DCX 2 what?
What exactly is in your profile linking you to your car? Do you have a pic up here with your license plate? VIN, full name, and city in your public profile? Honestly, you guys are too paranoid. Relax! :thumbsup:
Well, I dont need to hide anything.... :) I'm going to drive my car the way I want no matter what.

DCX DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse, no sponsor any aftermarket modding, or any other related racing on the street in my stock SRT-4.:jester:
Just click away, I did
I voted...

Course... might want to start a seperate poll for mph in the 1/4 mile... :lol:

I added my vote to 12.5-12.9...

But with slicks/axles I'd be faster than that. :D

voted...see sig for details
Added my vote.

12.8/113 street tires/Michilin PilotSports. :rofl:

Oops added my mile per hour. :lol:

Why no low 12 second or 11 second votes entered yet?

Heck we all know they are out there.

Come on people lets show what these SRT-4's are about.

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went once and did 14.9

Hope to do better next time lol
[email protected] w/ 2.2 60' on bs real street tires, 3085 w/ me in it.
I'm an autoxer,not a drag racer and it had been 3 year since I went drag racing.But,I finally got to the track twice in July.My best at GLD was 14.3.My best at Gateway International was 14.1.With a better launch and 60' time,I could be in the 13s.
i voted 13.5-13.9.....only because i havent been to a track since i was stock and my bes time stock w/only welfare exhaust was [email protected] w/a 2.1 60' on stock tires boosting 12.5-13psi at redline. Havent been to a track since w/alllll that i did...dunno if i will either....might just wait to go in the spring time when the tracks reopen after i get my Psi-Fi GTS-61 turbokit installed over winter :stab: :clap: :thumbsup:
just voted..........check my sig for the time :)
warriorbob said:
just voted..........check my sig for the time :)
You voted in the wrong spot.
krispl said:
You voted in the wrong spot.
i realized that after i voted...but i cant change it..............DOHH ohhh well

i pm'ed ekool to see if he can fix my blunder :crying:
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