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was on my way home today when a redline decided that he was gonna try to pass me. doing about 65 I dropped it into third and punched it. got into fourth and at abotu 100 or 105 I heard a pop under my hood. or at least that is where it sounded like it came from. I thought I blew my engine or something. pulled it out of gear and then put it back in gear and it was driving fine. so I slowed downand did the same thing and nothing happened. got home and checked all of my lines and they are all still on my car and it is idleing fine and all. just like the day I bought it. scared the shit out of me though. can anyone guess what might have happened? oh and I killed the redline of course. did you think any different! :thumbsup:


oh, and the only thing I have is the spring mod on my car. about 5200 miles on the car.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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