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What do you think of the new rims??

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Hey guys I got new rims (yes Jay they are 19's!),

I want to know your opinion...I have EvilTwin hosting pics so they should be up shortly...

My thoughts:

My car has no tint (not going to tint it either), all clear corners and some other visual goodies.

Because of this I don't think the black is going to work. The polished lip helps it to look decent but I think once I get the tires mounted the lip is going to be less noticable and the black wheels are going to be too dark for the look I am going for.

I was thinking about getting them powder coated something similar to the stockers as I think they look good with the E-blue. Or a polished or lighter colour silver (hyper) colour.

What you think? I don't want to put the tires on yet because if I want to powder coat them i have to take the tires off.

I think powder coat them a silvery colour to match up with the rest of the car and finish the clearer look I have going on.

Your opinions are welcome but I am definitely leaning towards a silver powder coat of some sort.


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LOL still waiting for EvilTwin to host them.

I am really not a fan of bronze. I know a lot of guys love bronze on blue cars but its not for me.

Thanks for the suggestion I will keep it in mind but as I say not my 1st choice.

Once the pics get up you guys can let me know what you think.
my response..

still need to see those damn pics :p
My bad Troy. I think I gave you the wrong email :stab: sent you a pm
Nevermind. I only have the truck today and I know I will not be happy with them in black.

I will post some pics after they are done.

Sorry guys, talk about a tease

do hypersilver.
Hey dre how about letting us re-size those. I don't have a magnifying glass handy :p
GAngel said:
Hey dre how about letting us re-size those. I don't have a magnifying glass handy :p
Go ahead :tongue: I tried to get them up quickly before I go to work. :hi:
Sorry Dre I was not sure if i would have to resize them or not. :rofl:

Thanks for posting though.

I actually only had the gfs truck today so I dropped them off to be sandblasted today. I am going to decide on the colour in a few days.

London I am leaning towards a hyper silver for sure. Only problem with powder coating is they don't have a name "hyper silver" and there are about 30 different shades of grey/silver.:eeeek:

They are going to clear powder coat a sample of "silver metallic" (I am getting a colour plus clear powder coat), in a couple days and I will have to see what it looks like before I make up my mind.

Either way I'm going to be rolling on 19's:pimping: soon enough.

I will post normal size pics when I mount them in a couple weeks.
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How much were they charging to do the powdercoating? If you don't mind sharing.
Viper Jr said:
How much were they charging to do the powdercoating? If you don't mind sharing.
No problem:

$60 per rim in one coat
$100 per rim 2 coat (colour then clear) *thats a clear powder coat too, not paint*

I am doing the second option (more protection and shinier)

Also these prices include sandblasting and primer (if they need primer)
Not bad... Can you PM me the place info and let's see some pics when you get the rims back!!
that rubber looks really really low. Kidding, just kidding. I like them. I just put the ptgt wheels on the eblue srt, and it looks better than I thought it would. I will try and link pictures up.

For those that want to know imagestation or photobucket hosts for no charge. Post up there and put the link here, easy, and srtforums doens't have the bandwith.
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