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So I'm considering selling my skittle. It's a 2004 Electric Blue with a sunroof, I bought it brand new in May of 05. It was dailyed for the first 2 years then became a weekend car. For the past two years it just gets taken out for a shakedown every now and then. I have a decent list of mods that I've done to the car, but it will also come with all the original parts allowing it to be returned to stock. The only rust on the car is in the wheel well from fender rolling, the body isn't mint but also wouldn't take much make it minty. The interior is clean only flaws are the drivers side bolsters, and drivers floor mat. Pretty sure I have the window sticker, maybe even the build sheet.

It runs great, no tranny issues, and still pulls hard! It has belt squeek but I have the parts to fix that.

What do you think its worth?

Installed Upgrades:

Mopar Stage 2 with Turbo Toys
Stage 2 Injectors
Stage 2 PCB
Stage 2 wastegate
Stage 2 TIP Sensor
Stage 2 MAP Sensor
Intercooler Sprayer
In-Dash Controls
N2MB Code Scrubber (The Code Scrubber removes P0846, P0871, P0888 and other erroneous automatic transmission failure codes present in Mopar Stage 2 with toys and all Stage 3 kits for the Dodge Neon SRT-4)
Brand New Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 tires (600 miles)
Mopar Performance Rear Tension Struts
Complete Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushing set
AEM Cold Air Intake
$5 Catch Can MOD
Mopar RB1 GPS Radio (82209616AC)
Mopar Integrated iPod\Auxiliary adaptor (82209616AD)
AGP Upper & Lower hard Pipes (600 miles)
Turbo XS Blow Off Valve Type RFL (600 miles)
Mopar Short Throw Shifter
MPx Motor Mount Bolt Kit
NGK Iridium IX Plugs
Boomba Upper & Lower Aluminium Motor Mounts
Booger Shift Linkage Bushings
Diablo Sport Predator
Rolled Fenders
BC Inverted Coilovers With Rear Camber plates (600 miles)
Wilwood 4 Piston Big Brake Kit With Braided Lines (600 miles)
StopTech Drilled & Slotted Rear Rotors with Hawk HP+ Pads (600 miles)
Mishimoto Direct Fit Intercooler (600 miles)
DSS Level 3 Axle (Passenger side, I was given the wrong set and got the PT Cruiser driver side {600 miles})

-=Other Upgrade Parts (Not Installed)=-

Energy Suspension Shifter Bushings
Energy Suspension Lower Control Arm Bushings
Prothane Control Arm Bushings
NeedsWings 3" Electric Cutout Cat-less Downpipe (missing minor hardware)
DCR Exclusive Body to Engine Mount (4th mount)
MPx Underdrive Pulley & Belts
Upper & Lower OEM motor mount insert
MPx Motor Mount Bolt Kit (spare set)

-=Original Parts (Uninstalled)=-

Complete Printed Dodge Service Manual

OEM replacement belt pulley and belt
OEM Rear Tension Struts (one is bent with thread damage)
OEM Airbox & Intake (removed at 15k miles)
OEM PCB (removed at 15k miles)
OEM Injectors (removed at 15k miles)
OEM Wastegate (removed at 15k miles)
OEM BOV Cover (removed at 15k miles)
OEM Shifter
OEM Gearset (Bad Synchros)
OEM Shift Forks
OEM Shifter Selector
OEM TIP Sensor (removed at 15k miles)
OEM MAP Sensor (removed at 15k miles)
OEM Intercooler
OEM Intercooler piping
OEM Radio
OEM Shocks/Struts
OEM Passenger Side Axel
OEM Front Lower Control Arms, two sets (no bushings)
OEM Bushing Set (removed at 15k miles)
OEM Upper & Lower Motor Mounts
OEM Front Calipers (one need rebuild)
OEM Quaife LSD
OEM Motor Mount Bolts

The Pics

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I'd say about $7K tops. Not stock. Expensive cosmetic damage.
Sounds like it could be a little "barn sour".
Cars need to be driven or they rot.

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I'd say about $7K tops. Not stock. Expensive cosmetic damage.
Sounds like it could be a little "barn sour".
Cars need to be driven or they rot.

Oh trust me it's not "barn sour". It gets driven enough that I can monitor how its aging. The only thing that isn't holding up is the Enegry suspension bushings and I'm replacing those next week.

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I would probably say around 10k personally. The stage 2 w/toys is pretty desirable to folks who know what it is and that the complete setup is hard to come by. Low miles is cool as well for sure.
If it didn’t have that rust on the fenders and the few dings, more like 12k-13k with the mods and the extensive list of OEM parts included.
I also couldn’t tell how bad your seats are. That would be a big one for me.

Have the bank run a vin report with estimated value for you. If it’s got a clean history it will bump it up much more than what NADA lists our poor cars at (that will make you sick). My Credit union said they’d loan me up to 12k for a low mileage stock 05 SRT4 with 16k miles because of that in early 2020.
Good luck with the sale!
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