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Im 20 years old....I have a '00 civic si that my parents bought for me as a graduation gift back in high school. Im trying to sell it as of right now....looking to get $14k-$15k. I am also work part time at a car parts store, but I have only been working for about a month. I got my first credit card about a month ago too. Its my second job, although I only had my first job for like 6 months about a year and a half ago. Im looking to get an SRT-4 this June or July, and will probably need to finance $4000. However, I wanna get it financed without a cosigner. Typically, what do you need to get far as credit history, and jobs etc?

p.s. I would have enough to buy the car in june or july, its just that I owe my mom some money because she has been paying for my car insurance and tuition for community college. I just want to re-pay her before I transfer to a school in NY in the fall.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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