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What clamp is this?

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Some previous owner used a clamp improperly and put a nut through it. You can see the one on the right is proper and the one on the left is improper. I want to get a new clamp because I suspect the improper one could be causing a vacuum/boost leak. Does anyone know what kind of clamp this is and where I get one?
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T Bolt Clamps

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Sizes for reference

x3 2.50" : Cold side intercooler, throttle Body, and hot side intercooler
Greenline part#: G89-040

x1 2.75" : Connecting the hard pipe from the turbo to the
intercooler soft pipe on the hot side
Greenline part#: G89-044

x1 2.25" : Turbo outlet
Greenline part#: G89-036
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vacuum leak is usually only from throttle body to the engine.
turbo to throttle body is normally ambient air pressure - what ever boost pressure your running and doesnt really see much of a vacuum
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