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What a crazy spike

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Well I went to a Vortex GTG tonight/morning haha. I ran a modded 1.8t making 270hp at the wheels :twisted: Need to say I got owned, by a car length till 3rd then I pulled up to him.

I spiked 1.04 bar=15.6 PSI!

The last high peak I had was .95 bar=14.25

Now tell me that isn't huge an additional 1.35PSI, I hope my car keeps getting stronger :twisted:

The GTG, Spilner's ride is freakin pimpin.[/img]

I should note I didn't have the EBC on the car...
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so did you beat him at the end? or were you guys even?
I had him by an inch or two :twisted:

We did a couple 3rd gear pulls, no contest he hands me my ass for a few seconds, then I catch up again.

The most important part though is if we were to run from a dead stop, I finally got the luanch down to ZERO wheelspin :twisted:

I drove him and a few other dubers to Denny's, he admitted, that I would take him off the line and then some :twisted:

Not bad considering he has over $2700 in engine mods alone :shock:
whats his torque like? ~230?
heheh my EBC (apexi) records max... i now hit 1.2 pretty often (~16.4psi)

the car JUMPS when the turbo spools its so fucking cool

put your EBC back on vanilla!
so vanilla, thats a TT? what model?
Wasp. How do you like that EBC? I heard it's hard to tune and operate. Are you going to get the S-AFC as well?
Vanilla, you need to put that boost controller you bought from me on. Then you will have easily beat that VW.


Call me if your having issues installig it.
Aight I will I will, half my problem is time, I really don't have time to do shit till late at night :twisted:

The TT is a Blitz DTT, talk to Hector if your interested :wink:

I should have taken pictures, 30 vedubs, and 1 SRT haha :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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