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Went to Dyno

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I have a stage 0 srt 04 with:

Msd Coil and wires
Injen Intake
Custom 3 inch exhaust, not cats or resonater (dumps out before trunk)
180* Thermo
ADR Cooling plate
Nology ground strap

Anyway, I put it on a Dynojet and it made 266.11 HP, and 287.5 ftlbs

After cool down same day:

Then on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno (a real Dyno) and it made 231.4 HP and 252.3 ftlbs

The runs were made on 17-18 psi but my wastegate was still not holding to redline, only about 14-15 to redline

So I was wondering what part to get next I was thinking:

Iceman Throttle bodie
ED Hardpipe
AFX Pulley
Max Fab o2 Housing and downpipe
Mopar stage 2 with toys

Any advice

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Forgot to add fuel pump
wow your numbers are a tad better then mine, but im hitting 14psi. Becarefull, im betting that you are leaning out a 5k and above.
mopar stage 2. more driveable and hold more boost to redline...but the fuel pump might be a problem as you'll be running rich as hell anyway
My airfuel ratio is around 11:2 and 10:6

I just dont understand why my agp is not holding at least 16 to redline.

My MBC is hooked up to the green line.
I just have a WGA, cc, and filter and put out like 235 HP and about 260 something in TQ. Your #'s look a little low. Also my dyno was at 92 degrees w/ 41% Hum.
Your second set of numbers sound right. The first set seemed a little high, it just shows what different dynos can give you. Stage 2 would be a good upgrade or wait till stage 3 comes out soon. Some kind of fuel upgrade would be a good bet. happy modding
Try using the blue line instead.
I also forgot to add Mopar BOV, anyway A dynojet is more of a accelarometer than a dyno, the dyno dynamics is a dyno imported from Aussie imports, and they said making numbers there was hard.. There was a Supra there that dynoed 422 at the wheels, he had a timeslip of a 10.8 with him, he was able to get 473 whp with help of aem pug and play, and some mapping but he said on a dynojet he made somwhere around 550 whp, The 473 is at 1.7 bar and methonal. All dynos are different.

My basic goal is making as much power that i can with the stock ecu and turbo, (no mopar upgrades), and then whenever the stage 3 comes out add it to the arsenal and make crazy power.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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