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Hey Gang,

I just finished installing a MP short throw shifter, Booger booshings and a Modern Performance polished shift knob. What a difference! I know it's been said lots of times before but this mod is awesome!

I also installed Stage 1 computer and injectors, Prothane motor mount inserts and a Forward Motion adjustable wastegate actuator. It took a little while to get the adjustment right on the WGA since I purchased it used from eBay with no instructions, but now it boosts to 17, falling to about 15.5 at redline. It's definitely noticeable on the butt-dyno. :eveilgrin

Now traction is REALLY a problem. I can't wait for the Psi-Fi traction device to hit the shelves.

I've only had the car for about a month, but it is so much fun. I want to give props to Mancini for getting the Stage 1 upgrade in my hands in only 5 days. The rest of the parts I got from Modern Performance and it only took 3 days.
Talk about great service! I know where I'll be spending money in the future.

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