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.. however, it will require me to give up my recently acquired 95 BMW M3

Am I nuts? I love the M3, I really do. But I dreamt about the SRT-4 for years.. from the first time we saw the supercharged concept. I owned a 98 sport for a long time and I loved it, but got zilch for resale.

At the moment, the M3 is worth aproximately $15000. Also, it has a nasty engine noise when cold, which may or may not be a serious issue. Regardless, since this is a BMW, and an M3, it will be expensive to repair either way. Also, this is a refined, classy, luxurious, great handling, great performing beast of a car. It also costs me $1800/yr in LIABILITY ONLY. I was told I could drive a new Z06 for the same rate :-/

Now the neon: FWD, no LSD, not german engineered, (likely) bad resale value, etc etc. Brand New (know it's not abused), with warranty, TURBO waiting for more boost, ability to smoke people in a "little girls neon"

I'd love to DRIVE an SRT-4, this would prob help me make up my mind.. but regardless, I may have to drive to Florida (from Kentucky) to get one if I want it anytime soon. Also, I don't even know if I'll be able to GET one. I am set on silver, it's silver or nothing. Also, I'm going to have to come up with AT LEAST $5000 difference. Then there's tax. Ugh. Why is DC making it so very difficult for people to acquire this car? It may very well cause me to NOT get one.

In any case, what would you all do? The M3 needs the head to be taken off probably.. the problem could be anything from lifters ticking to piston slap to rod knock. It goes from mild to very bad-- however the car runs GREAT when warm, so I could probably pass this over on the dealer (just like the last dealer passed it onto me). M3 service cost is ridiculous, insurance is ridiculous, driving experience: amazing.

I'd really like to get the opinion of some older people (even though I am only 22), and those who have driven or owned an E36 M3. I am torn.

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