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I'll re-announce here, that VEI released this new hi-resolution boost gauge (VEI Systems -- Intelligent Vehicle Instrumentation -- Products: Instruments).

Model # is V1-BHM-MR and V1-BHM-MB. New features are...
(1) Higher resolution selectable to 1 PSI (as the regular boost gauge has) 0.5 PSI, or 0.1 PSI !!!
(2) Numeric peak recall (tap the button while driving and it flashes the highest boost recorded on the numbers)
(3) Adjustable peak-recall flash time
(4) and a cool display test at startup with a bouncing bargraph

And the if you already have a regular boost gauge, it is (most likely) upgradeable. Look on the back of the gauge for the version number, and if it's VBM, VBP or BOP and the version number is 110.02 or later, then it is upgradeable. Other versions should be upgradeable also, but check with VEI first, by contacting their support here.

Cost for the upgrade is $40 + shipping.

If your gauge is upgradeable, ship it (properly packaged) to...
VEI Systems
8927 Hypoluxo Rd
Suite A4-141
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Place a note in it stating you want it to be upgraded to the BHP firmware, with your name, return shipping address, phone, email.

Also, send an email to support1 [at] veisystems [dot] com to let them know you shipped it. This way they'll know to expect it. They will contact you for payment when they get it. They will accept paypal or credit cards.

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