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Upgrade suspension without lowering???

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I own a 99 Ford Contour SVT that I put Koni/Eibachs on and the thing handles great but its just too damn low. I can't get a jack under it, it can't go up most ramps, and forget about a drive through carwash.

The SRT-4 suspension feels a little soft to me right now. I've scared the hell out of myself going over small bumps/hills when the front end feels disconnected and light.

Is there a way to tighten up this setup without lowering the car and what is the best route? Thanks.
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i would say look into 2001-2002 Neon ACR factory items and see how compatible they are to your car as it stands. If someone would try and see if 2nd gen ACR Struts will fit an SRT4...if soo you could run ACR struts which are adjustable with SRT4 springs and maybe ACR sway bars
Or wait for the adjustable coilovers from dodge.
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