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Two-tone under construction

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Well I decided to go with a two-tone on the srt-4.
I have only got as far as doing the hood and eyelids (which I think I'm going to swap out for shorty eyelids) I still need to paint the roof and hood. Also eventually want to get some new wheels and paint them the same color as the bronze pearl eventually. But anyways here's a taste, hope the majority approve of it.:thumbsup:

On a cloudy day:

Sunny day:

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bronze pearl /eblue looks so nice together . Cant wait to see the finshed project.
I would go with just a regular bronze wheel.. That way it isnt exactly the same color as the hood and such.. But it helps compliment it. Plus Bronze and blue are hot.
Thanks for the compliments guys, I just gave her a washing and took some more pics.

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i don't get it? JK, lol looks nice I like it.
that is def. a deep color... i like it alot... question is... where is the two tone line going to? just the hood top of car and down the trunk? er how are you gonna tie it all in?

i'm thinking about doing a two tone myself... i'm thinkin like a stone white or pearl white and black... top of car stone or pearl white... bottom black. i haven't decided which color white yet. haha. but i think it'll be hot. then once the two tone is done, put like a metallic silver pinstripe where the two colors meet. Although the two tone is gonna be a little weird. it's gonna start where the bumper and fender meet go straight back then come up at the back of the last door and end at the top of the back deck. something a little different. maybe even change the black color to like a gunmetal.... i'm not sure yet.
nice, i thinks its gonna look nice once you do the roof and also a fan of our wings so if you had the wing on painted like that too it would be sex :thumbsup:
that color is hot, I'd have my whole car that color!
since youre eventually gonna get new bronze wheels...i think you should trade your stockers for my stockers :thumbsup:
i would not do it.. there are no many e blues.....
but if you really have to... good choise on that bronze color
nice lookin car man, I like where you stuck the front plate... what part of MA are you from? I'm from Seekonk, right on the border of RI. You have any mods?
paint the rest of your side mirrors please :crying:

if you color matched it to the bronze pearl that would be nice but with the plastic I'd recommend the eblue since you got that and the fog surronds covered already it would look more uniform. If you painted the lower 2 inches around your car (skirts and bumpers) in that color bronze pearl your car would look real nice. Just a suggestion though. :thumbsup: looks good either way.
The D Man said:
nice lookin car man, I like where you stuck the front plate... what part of MA are you from? I'm from Seekonk, right on the border of RI. You have any mods?
I live a town over from you. I live in Swansea right near the Swansea/Seekonk line. :thumbsup:
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