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We are also testing the idea of leaving the throttle body manifold a one piece design but staggering the throttle bodies so that the 2nd unit does not open until after the first unit is 50% open. Linkage systems and manifold designs can limit this option on some model cars. [/size]​

Tese systems will have a throttle body on each end of the manifold running a true twin air cleaner design​

Of course it would be mandatory to run a rising rate Fuel Pressure Regulator kit with these systems with a piggy back computer that won't lose its tune.​

These kits are available for all four cylinder model Mitsubishi, Proton and Hyundai MAP sensor vehicles. Most systems are custom made to order and require the supply of a 2nd hand manifold or we can provide the core unit for an extra charge.​

Throttle Body sizes go in the following sizes - sizes can vary according to the size motor​

Twin 63mm units - 2.0 + engines
Twin 64mm units - 2.5 + engines
Twin 65mm units - 2.5 + engines

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