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Turbonetics Manual Boost Controller?

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Anyone with experience with the Turbonetics Manual Boost Controller? All positive/negative thoughts welcome.
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Pretty much, all manual boosters are the same. It's nothing more than a valve that opens and closes an orifice as you turn the knob.

If you have an old aircompressor sitting around, you can use the pressure regulator as a MBC. Its a great piece to use as an MBC.

IN fact, HKS use to use an aircompressor regulator and stick there HKS logo on it and charge big bucks for it.

So its safe to say that 95% of the MBC out there are all the same.
Some look real ugly, and some look good. I have seen the Turbonetics one and is one ugly piece. I like the turboxs. I saw that ATP has one to. Does anyone know who makes the one they carry?

Ok my brothers friend gave me one of these and it says 10psi on the outlet. Does that mean it will only go to 10 psi max or 10psi on top of what I already run which is 15psi?
is it the black one ... where you pop the knob up and turn it and pop it down to lock it .... im pretty sure it is ... i have the same one and no it goes more than 10 psi

ive been running 18 back to 16psi with that and my forward motion wga ....

the only thing that sux is working with it ... like - means more boost and + means less boost on mine .. so iduno its wierd .. but i got it fuiguered out and im not tuchingg it .. lol

overall its pretty cool
works great....

I have had mine for over a year. It works great with my 50 trim/turbonetics external wastegate. I mounted it in the engine compartment and looks like it belongs there. It does not stand out like metalic, shiney metal controllers. You can see it in the upper left corner.

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good deal then...I was worried about that making my boost stay at 10 psi
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