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go back there now boy!...lmao..too late Gabe im already there here, TR , , Neonspeed , , damn...i need to stop browsing forums :roll:

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Shelby VS PT Turbo

Shelby VS PT Turbo
Wow.... those things really haul for their size!!

There's 2 lanes from this light I hit on my way home. They continue on for a while, and then merge down to one lane. Hence it's a very popular spot for people to square off, as one always wants to be in front of the other at the merge.

So, pulling up to the light... (it's red), I see a Blue PT cruiser in the right lane. The left is empty. I figure "Oh, a PT. Even if this guy tries I'll have no problem.". I swing into the left lane, and as I come up to the light I glance at the cruiser, and on the back is a badge "2.4 Turbo". Wow! This could be a run if he tries!

The guy driving is probably a 30something guy. I look over at him, and he looks back with a mischevious smile. I know it's on from here.....

Light turns green, we launch. I launch good.... he launches perfect. Must have an auto, I figure. He's a bit ahead... I hit 2nd gear and NAIL IT. Boost flies up to a g-valved 14 psi... I start pulling him in...... my nose is at his fender.... I hit 3rd.... still creeping by.... by the time we run out of lanes his nose is about at my spoiler. He backs off at the merge, and I look in my rear view. He shoots me a thumbs up.

Glad it was a Cruiser and not a SRT or I'm sure things would have gone VERY differently!

And just today, my car went to $hits again. Check out my post on the Help! forum for details... shame, I was having fun with the thing for the first time in I don't remember how long....

1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby TII 5-speed
1987 Dodge Daytona Pacifica TI auto


Video of a Hahn's GT Cruiser:
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