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Im guessing to really get the most out of AMS37R or even GT35R you need aftermarket heads, cams, valvetrains and raise REV Limiter up to 7K..
sounds like these turbos dont get full spool to after 4K RPMs
Really dying to see Dyno graph showin RPMs..

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wow.. 772wHP and its stays over 700wHP from 5800rpm to 7K redline.. I hate when i see dynos and it just peaks like 400wHP but 1K rpms before its 100HP less..
nice dyno

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by dyno graph.. we can assume modfications are alot..
After doing a little bit of looking around on the forum here I believe this is what the car had:

AMS Built Block-
Weisco Pistons
Oliver Rods
DCR Main/Rod Bearings
DCR Oil Pick up
DCR Billet Oil Pump Gear
DCR Baffle
DCR Bigger Oil Filter Combo
DCR Head Studs
O-Ringed Block
MADI Crank

AMS Build Race Head-
1mm Over Si Intake and Exhaust Valves
Crane Springs and Titanium Retainers
5 Angle Valve Job Unshrouded
Full Race Port
Cam Gears
Crower S3 Cams
DCR Top End Oil Modifier

AEM Injector Driver Box
AEM Wideband
Greddy Turbo Timer
Stewart Warner 40psi Boost Guage
MSD Dis-2 Ignition
Custom Taylor Plug Wires

Precision 1600cc Injectors
Dual Denso 190lph Fuel Pumps
-10an fuel line from tank to pumps
-8an fuel line from pumps to fuel rail
Aeromotive FPR
-6an fuel line from reg to tank
Boomba Fuel Rail

Intake/Turbo Setup:
AMS GT37R DBB turbo kit

Form and Functioned Ported Intake Manifold
60mm TB and Manifold Adapter
AMS Custom UPP with Tial BOV
Of course not everybody wants or needs this much power, that's why we have different turbos available for different goals.

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OK guys here we go

Pricing is as follows:

AMS GT35R turbo kit with:
AMS 304 Thick wall SS header with 2 year warranty against cracking
AMS Spec GT35R Turbo w 4" ported Shroud
3" SS O2 Housing
Tial 38mm WG
SS Dump Tube
3" Stainless Steel downpipe with 3" 2 bolt flange
4" Alluminum Intake pipe with 4" k&N Intake
Oil and water lines
2.5" Lower IC pipe SS
All Couplers and hardware
All flanges are .5" thick SS to prevent any warping
Tig welding all around

$3899.95 :wah?!: Tentatively. we are working on some things right now to get it down a little bit but at most $200.00 cheaper. Keep in mind this kit only costs $150 less to make then the EVO VIII kit.... we are making VERY LITTLE on this piece.

GT3076R kits will be $100 cheaper
50 trim Ball bearing kits will be $200 cheaper

Silver high temp coating adds $150
Polished Compressor cover adds $100

Ordering right now is a MINIMUM of a 4 week wait. with at least 50% deposit due

we are going to build the kits to order at this time.

Not shown in the pictures: Lower IC Pipe, Oil Lines, water lines and 4 Intake pipe


Do fuel upgrades come with this kit?

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not according to that list.. price would go up..
this kit has a hard pipe, and downpipe which most kits dont..
this kit is worth it just to get their manifold with it..

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Please give us a call on Monday at 847-709-0530...they're not listed separately on the website but that might be possible.
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