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turbo Coolant fittings

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my car has been down for awhile (replacing engine) and now my turbo has to be sent in to get rebuilt by kinetic, so Im looking for something that will screw into the coolant holes on the stock turbo so I can temporarily rock the stock turbo, any suggestions, anyone tried to do this yet and found a sub size fitting that will fit? since its a banjo fitting I tried brake line replacement fittings and they seem like they want to fit but there a little too small.
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run the banjo fittings and place hose with a bolt in it to keep it from leaking....

i wouldnt push anything more than 10-15psi w/out coolant goin through the stocker as it will get reaally F'n hot...

good luck...

you could take the banjo bolts to home depot or a bolt store and get the pitch/thread size matched up and you'll be set.

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