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tuning meh car.

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ok so im learning right. this is my first race car ive ever had. i know that higher AFRs mean lean and low AFRs mean rich i have a AGP WGA TURBO XS MBC APEXI SAFC2 and a ZEITRONIX WIDEBAND. my question is, what numbers should i be at under boost. i want to sqeeze 18-19 SAFELY but want to go as hi as the beast will let me. my main question is though what number should i be at when im at WOT and BOOST. O, PS: i know i should be at 14.7 at idle. im not a TOTAL idiot. like i said, im learning. thanks for the help.
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shoot for 11.5 @wot in boost on pump gas hopefully 93 octane(this is safe and acceptable). driving normally you should be around 14.7 +/- and while crusing(barely on the pedal an higher vac) you can go higher like 16:1, lean while crusing will not hurt anything.

many setups like to idle rich, mine likes ~13.5 at idle
alright sweet. yeah when in crusing barely on the pedal im reading 14.7-14.8. under boost im hitting anywhere between 10.9-12.2 i think im running a little rich im gonna try and back it off a bit. prolly gonna throw some new plugs in there as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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