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Rear Suspension!!

Let take a look at the rear suspension at a whole.
1: bushings, WAY TO SOFT!! All the bushing on the rear, and the front of this car are to damm soft. Depending on what you are going to use the car for, of how fanaticle you are. If you are not going to chage parts, deff go with the prothane or energy bushings. Just by doing this you will notice an immediate diff in the way your car handles. For example, the bushing for the sway bars, they are so soft, they do not let the rear sway bar, if you can call it this. Do it's job.
Rear trailing arm bushings: If you don't want to have what is referred to as" snap over steer" You SHOULD change these bushings. I will tell you why, when the car is going into a turn, the outside tire will get up to 1" of toe in, and the inside 1" of toe out. In other words, the rear wheels will try to steer the same way as the fronts!!
By changing these bushings, you will eliminate this. You will get in return a positive situation. the outside wheel will about .5 deg of neg camber, and the inside wheel will be a zero. When this accures, your tire contact patch will stay straight.
rear control arms: Take a good look at them. All they are is, some flat thin, plate steel, that are S shaped. This = A LOT of flex. If you remember the 1st gen control arms, thye where tubular. A little stronger then the 2nd gens.
By changing the bushings, it will help a little. Instaed of getting the flex from the bushings, you will get more flex from the arms.
Midnight turbo, whoevers arms you decided to go with, make sure that they are forged, and a tubular design. alum, or steel. And if you want the ultimate adj in your suspension, make sure they are adj. Thisway you can play with the rear suspension setting, and tailor to your driving style.
Some off you mentioned that the guys in SCC said that they did not like the way the rear felt when they changed the trailing arm bushings. If they had more adj, they could of helped this matter a whole bunch.
swaybars: just my 05 cents, get the hothckis bars! They are the best on the market. I hope this will help you out on your search. If you need any more help, just ask. You don't have to buy something from me to get some advice. :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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