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remember these are on stock street tires.

first run..... [email protected] with a 2.5 sixtyfooter. (i launched to high rpm)
secong run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.29 sixtyfooter.
third run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.4 sixtyfooter. (i bogged off the line)
fourth run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.240sixtyfooter.
fifth run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.335sixtyfooter.
sixth run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.336sixtyfooter. (i missed 4th hence the low mph)
seventh run..... [email protected] w/ a 2.466sixtyfooter. (i bogged off the line)

overall im very impressed the way the car ran.... i can constiently hit 13.8Xs now. i just wish i had my wastegate and some slicks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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