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Went to the strip in Englishtown NJ. I've been having trouble with the clamp on the hotside pipe exploding so it was leaking boost. I ran with the dump open, boost spiking to 15 and fallin off pretty quick after that. I only got two runs because i let me friend drive my car so he went two times, thats all we had time for. The track prep was pretty garbage, only the AWD cars and people on slicks cut better then a 2.1 sixty foot.

First run (WOT shifting 2nd->3rd->4th tire at 28psi)

R/T .357
60' 2.315
330' 6.141
1/8 9.183
1/8mph 81.16
1000 11.785
E.T. 14.015
MPH 101.29

Second Run (lowered tire pressure 2psi, wheel hopped so bad i thought i broke a mount, no WOT, i knew this run was gonna be crap, tire at 25psi)

R/T .680
60' 2.418
330' 6.330
1/8 9.453
1/8mph 79.80
1000 12.083
E.T. 14.340
MPH 100.11

I wish i had gotten more runs, i put Kumho Ecsta SPT's on this morning, so the tires were brand spankin new. Best run of the night was my friend in my car, he went to launch, and somehow pulled the shifter out of first so he sat there for a second bangin the limiter. Ran a 5.3 sixty foot and a 17.6 at 99mph. LOL it was classic. There were a lot of srt's there, and i met a few from jersey. All in all it was a good time, till my clamp exploded again and i had to pull over in a gas station and double clamp it this time so hopefully it'll last more then 5 hours. Opinions welcome.
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