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Well obviously these numbers are off from what it can do but for one i wanst driving and second my bro launched way too hard(hes used to launching a car alot harder his car has slicks). I couldnt drive because i didnt have pants on and i didnt know this. :crying: The first run was a 16.04(he missed second gear) at 99 mph and a 2.69 60'. The second run was a 14.9(just sat there and spun) with a 102 mph trap time and a 2.9 60'. I figure with me behind the wheel because I know I have to baby this car I'm looking at 13.75-13.9. All the power is there for a high 13 second run. Just gotta baby this car outta the hole. For a basically stock 03 srt4(mopar bov, stage 1 on order) that is a good mph. I've seen people running 13.9s with a 99 mph trap speed and my car trapped that fast while missing a gear. I will race it like november 7th i think it is and my dad will race it too im sure one of us will have it in the 13s we just gtta baby it. What do you guys think that trap time is good enuff for 13s right? I know my 60' is 6-9 tenths off i just need to get behind the wheel i have a better idea of how to launch it.

Thanks Tim
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