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Toyo Proxes T1-S

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I just ordered a set of these. Primarily because of the unusual size I can get them in, 215/45VR-15

All I can say is Ouch! At $145 a piece, they better be worth it.

I’ve been using my BFG Drag Radials on the street and track. With over 1500 street miles on them and 10 + passes, they have seen better days… I know it’s pretty lame to waste rubber like that on the street and I could spend the money on other goodies, but with this car, sticky rubber is worth its weight in gold. I just can't afford a 0 treadwear anymore...

Does anyone have any experience with them?
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What mods do you have to pull 13.66? Just 15" and BFGDrags?
Stupid Invalid_session Errors!!!!

Pretty much – that and 80 pounds of weight redux. All my money went into wheels and tires. I'm sure that being within a couple of hundred feet of sea level helps as well.

See the "SRT-4 Fastest Times List" forums for mods (Fastest) and how I launched it (Your Comments Here)…

Anyone ran these tires before?
The T1-S is a pretty nice tire. I don't personally have a pair but know of many who do. I haven't really heard anything but good comments about them.
i think phil form turboXS uses them. not sure about nathan.
From Billy:
I don't personally have a pair but know of many who do

That sucks.

Thanks though, we'll find out soon enough...
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