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Yes its alot to read! Please bear with me. Read it all!!!

So some unfortunate events transpired yesterday. I was on my way to next town over about 15miles and half way there my oil light came on. It would come on and off so i figured i was teetering on the sensor. I was already half way anyways so i figured id keep going and get oil in town and see what the deal was. I barely got in town and the light stayed on now. I stopped and did what i needed at my first stop. I qent to leave to go get oil and started the car and now it was making a noise from motor so i shut it off and had my wife bring me oil. Put 3 quarts in it as dipstick showed no oil. Put 3 quarts in and tried to take off. Only got .3mile and car shut off. I restarted and pulled in to nearest lot and came back with trailer and truck. Took it home and behold! Somehow the oil filter worked its way out and lost all oil. (I did not put this on i just bought the car and was a few days away from soing the oil change myself as i dont trust other peope) i replaced oil filter and filled it with oil and started car. Car only made noise for about 4 revolutions and went away. Car runs good no sounds. Thought i got lucky. However today i decided to take it about a mile away to the bank and noticed it now has a noise above 2k rpms. Any advice or guess as to what i fudged up lol.

Also when i left car in lot to go get trailer the car was still leaking oil when i loaded it on trailer. So i at least had some oil still in car

Car makes a ticking noise from top end. Have tried running thicker oil as was reccomended to me from another to fix collapsed lifter but didnt help
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