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Too much oil cause stall?

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So yeah, got my oil changed about 600 miles ago, didn't check the level it was at, but I guess it was quite a bit over max... Driving home I stalled in 4th... and it wont run unless the rpms are kept high... is this most likely the issue...? Dunno how Im gonna get to work tomorrow... heh.
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How much over max? I mean, a half a quart high wouldn't do that...i'd drain it and put new oil in if you have to. Don't drive around like that....
well, if its too much should it have shown an issue before 600 miles.....? Its about a half inch above the line for max, basically if your familiar with the dip stick the oil ends on the M of MAX heres a diagram... lol <~~|_________|<----- MAX
I guess the OBD-II says its my ICM (Idle control motor thats bad) cuz it will run fine if I have some gas pushed... but yeah anyone know the difficulty for installing this and where its located..? I've got the part ordered as we speak.
Half an inch? that's like a quart over filled. Drain some out, you'll have alot more blow by than normal.
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