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I've been reading through the board of new and old posts and have seen this question asked a few times, "Do only 5-star dealers get to sell the SRT-4?". I have not read anywhere of someone clarifying what it takes to sell the SRT-4's so I'll try doing that in this post. You DO NOT have to be a 5-Star dealer. You MUST complete training and get certified. The certification for the SRT-4 also qualifies the dealer to sell the new Viper SRT-10 and the upcoming SRT-10 Ram. With certification the dealer MUST keep in stock all SRT vehicles. (With exceptions if vehicle is back-ordered or being made) Also, with the release of SRT-4's being limited, anyone with one reserved CANNOT specify color. Chrysler is using the same shipping technique as with the PT Cruiser when they were first released. The dealer cannot specify color, they get what is shipped to them. So those hopeful of getting Yellow or whatever else color, better cross your fingers. I know I will be.
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