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tires won't fit!!!!!!

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So I bought some rims and tires off a guy on here. He had them on his car with coilovers... but said his buddy had them on and he was on stock suspension. So I am still on my stock struts and hotchkis springs... but the spring perch is sitting right on the tires.

Now for my question.... well I have a 3mm spacer coming at the moment which should help out a bit, but how many guys have "massaged" the struts to get them in? I was planning to go coilovers eventually... but not this second =)

Oh and when the tires came they are 225/45R18's. Yes.... I know, I thought I was getting 40's.....

Any help would be appreciated!
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you really don't have many options outside of taking a BFH to the spring perch.
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