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tinted fogs??

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has anyone done this mod and does anyone have any pics of what it looks like during the day and at night. thanks
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eb04 said:
Rockblocker fog light tint FTW!
visual mods lurker FTL
Hey my ride is engine modded pretty mean now so back off and stay on subject . Nothing wrong with exterior mods rockblocker is the way to go for tinting your fogs and dont cost that much for the flim.
thanks man.... i bought some nightshade from modernperformance for my side markers and tail lights, and i have plenty left over. i might try to shoot some on the fog lights and see how they turn out. i'll let yall know how it comes out.
well tried to spray tint.... yeah it didn't work out to well. so i am going to go ahead and order the film
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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