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i just got back from NE dragway, i was there all day and unfortunately only got in 1 stupid run...i was kinda nervous but this is what i ran
rt - .752
60 - 2.315
1/4 - 13.837
mph - 105.98

i think that if i could have gotten more runs in i could have hit low 13s...i know people have done that with the mods that i have

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yeah- you should be able to nail much lower numbers just by getting more runs in. it sucks that you went out and only got one run.

it sounds like it was your first run ever, but if not then you already know that the times will shrink up on you just after getting in more runs.

aside from all that it looks like you did pretty good anyhow! :thumbsup:


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Jakencub said:
Very good numbers, the onlyhting it looks like you need to work on is the 60'. if you can get it to 2.1 then you should be running 13.3-13.4.
Jake, what you think i could be running w/my car if i had some traction(slicks/DR's)? here's my latest slip from this past friday night:

r/t - .355
60' - 2.258
330 - 5.893
1/8 - 8.742
mph - 87.62
1000 - 11.193
1/4 - 13.250
mph - 110.20

thats on stock street tires w/full(32psi when cold) air pressure.

- Christian:cool:
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