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Tiburon or Eclipse Fuel Gas door????

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Anyone have dimensions on either of these doors and whether they will work or not on our cars?? I am looking for a gunmetal color one to adapt with little modification.
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eclipse gas doors have "eclipse" engraved on them, and arnt a perfect circle...and i think tiburons' gas doors form to the curve of the car, so they are kinda bent like a pringle. would look badass though probly, unbend that bitch and make it fit!
Like the billet gas doors seen on trucks all the time.
I have one installed on my ride. It was made for a PT Cruiser. You have to bend the trim ring a little to conform to the body. I also had to get a new gas cap, as the stocker hit the catch assy. for the door. I got mine from Everything Offroad, but any for a PT should work. Hope this helps.
I have read about the PT cruiser ones, but do they make a gunmetal color or just the chrome pieces???
I know that they make chrome, brushed, and black. I'm not sure about gunmetal.
why not take your soff (you'll have to anyway) strip it down, and paint it gunmetal?
Because I want the "race" look with bolts around the edge as well.
there are some cheapie ones on ebay for the pt. if you screw one up you wont cry like you would if you ruined a billet piece.
A gas door is not where I'd invest my money, I think it ruins the flow of the car to have a little circle "stand out". Just my opinion though, if you like it then more power to ya and good luck finding what you're looking for.
wolf22m said:
Because I want the "race" look with bolts around the edge as well.
omg... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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